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Winners’ Circle  exclusively by Fun Services – redemption center experts!

Fun Fair PrizesWhat is the Winners’ Circle?
The Winners Circle is a redemption center method of awarding prizes.  When a student plays a game they are awarded color coded plastic numbered tokens rather than prizes.  The number of tokens is based on what place level they achieve (1st, 2nd, consolation).  They can then take their tokens to the winners’ circle which is a room filled with prizes.

What are the advantages of a Winners’ Circle?
With this prize method, players can select the prizes that they want to win.  This makes for happier students and parents, as they are able to redeem for prizes larger that those they win when prizes are given at each game.  Prizes are also kept
in a central location which gives better control of inventory.

Fun FairThis is the most popular option for the traditional Fun Fair Program.

How it works:

  1. 1st through consolation prizes will be awarded using a token system.  No prizes will be displayed at the game booth (except for a few selected games, mainly those designed for preschool age).

  2. A certain number of tokens, determined by their performance and the degree of difficulty of the game, will be awarded to the player.  Example: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, & 25 etc.

  3. The prize categories range from 1 to 300 points (mainly 1-60) and players cash in their tokens for prizes.

  4. 4-8 volunteers are needed to set up, operate, and inventory the Winners’ Circle.   



Classic Prize Programs
This is how it all started over 40 years ago with prizes displayed and distributed at each game booth.  Game booths are eye catching with colorful prizes right at the game and kids enjoy the instant gratification that the Classic Prize Program offers.  It is fantastic for budgeted events and those that have the emphasis on fun.


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